Lethal Vice – Thrash Converters

Spanish thrashers Lethal Vice are set to release a debut album next month, but thrash wasn’t always the prime ingredient in their concoction. Interestingly enough, the outfit initially churned out heavy metal tunes.

After the band switched gears and tweaked their lineup, they got more established in a thrashing direction. Thrash Converters is Lethal Vice’s upcoming full-length, and it promises thrown-back thrash metal that sprinkles lighthearted twists along the way.

Lethal Vice

Lethal Vice

A blend of 8-bit video game music and slow soloing seep through the album’s threshold. On “In Greed We Trust,” half sung, half grunting vocals dip into deep, upbeat guitar riffs. Once the album strengthens over a few tracks, “NWO” is unleashed; asserting a familiar thrash stance and holding its own composition-wise, its vocals bark with added aggression. “Street Violence” continues with mighty outbursts, and it even gives a few nods to heavy metal every now and then.

You won’t believe what creative turns the instrumental, “Lethal Thrashing Madness,” has in store. But for most of the album’s duration, expecting the unexpected is not necessarily the way to go. Lethal Vice recycle traditional thrash elements that, thankfully, haven’t become worn over the decades.

Thrash Converters fits a tough, old school mold, and this is eagerly confirmed by the chirping, retro-esque game music that appears here and there. Standard heavy metal vibes also happen to break through the thrash metal persona at times, showing Lethal Vice’s style and flexibility. Look for the album to get more enjoyable as it progresses, where strong musical decisions have been made within the shifting tempos of “Psycho Surgery” as well as “Godless World”‘s fleeting sense of groove. What all signs point to is that Thrash Converters is a lively effort that’s savored the kick of thrash metal.

Thrash Converters will be released Sept. 11.

Want to learn more about Lethal Vice? Check out their website.


Straightline – Alteration of the Rules EP

Straightline whisk you across many musical barriers, headed toward the detailed tag of melodic skate punk thrash. On the band’s Alteration of the Rules EP you can count on peppy punk formulas, tuneful vocals and the grit of thrash to encourage you to coast and go with the musical flow.

Alteration of the Rules cover art

Alteration of the Rules. Image: Bandcamp

“Alteration of the Rules” amps up dynamic melodies and upbeat passages, with “Retrogressive” following its footsteps. Subdued sounds rise from “Unfinished Story.” But the finale is a near 30 seconds of stamina; it’s “Blistering Attack,” a spurting of thrashing percussion and equally boisterous vocals with jolting guitars at their heels.

Alteration of the Rules is a spunky perspective on heavy. It has uplifting bits of punk and the character of metal in some spots. It may or may not change strict pro-metal opinions about the coexistence of the two musical worlds, but it’s apparent Straightline have the handling of keen musical energy down pat. Place that with the rebellious attitude throughout, and there’s no escaping this EP’s high points.

Listen to Alteration of the Rules at Bandcamp.