Why We Need More Heavy Metal Conventions

The other night, I was glued to the hilariousness of “Bob’s Burgers,” as usual. On that episode, Bob Belcher headed to the Equestra-con to retrieve Tina’s sacred collectible, which had been swindled by an Equestranauts-loving grownup fan. The geeky story line was a spoof of the Brony subculture.

Behold: Craziness of Equestra-con.

That’s when I began to kick the question around, wilder than a bucking bronco: Why aren’t there more heavy metal conventions?

It wouldn’t be fair to continue without acknowledging the many events that do enhance metal culture. After all, we are blazing into festival season. And let’s not forget about the swarm of cons, which can also hold the interest of even the strictest of metalheads. When compared to the expansiveness of cons nowadays, this should be a call to action for the metal side of things.

Thanks to the ease of social networking websites and a new openness of geek culture, convention culture is taking off. Cons are no longer secluded environments for a select few of fanatics. Folks are finding it simple to find them as well as other events that speak to their interests. In fact, we might as well be letting cons share the limelight among trendiest of trends. (Check your Twitter feed if you don’t believe me.) The benefits of social media are fantastic, but face-to-face involvement is also rewarding. After piddling around on good ole Google, I found that Puerto Rico held a Metal Expo Convention this year.

Developed by a record label, the con was a success. If micro metal cons are surfacing, they sure are lacking the publicity their niche counterparts receive. Envision the awesomeness of there being more events like the Metal Expo Convention. Here are four reasons why we need more heavy metal conventions:

  1. Spam, be gone: Unsigned bands would get a chance to interact with label representatives, promoters and other music industry workers. Hey, beats the heck out of having to filter that spamy inbox.
  2. Events, Events, Events: When so many metal musicians host online lessons, cons would be a great place for gear workshops. I even see these events being a fitting environment for academic panels to take off.
  3. Express Yourself: Fans could have the opportunity to fulfill the urge to don that homemade pirate metal costume—or, even participate in contests.
  4. Spread the involvement around: Folks could volunteer as staff members, becoming more active supporters of the metal scene.

Even though metal land is crawling with fests and such, I believe strictly metal conventions would allow fans to gain a more in depth experience—and earn a deserving place within geekdom. With the creativity beaming within metaldom, there are endless possibilities for developing successful events like these. If you catch my drift, how do you think the metal community could benefit from more cons?


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