Involution – Evolution of Thoughts

I present to you melodic power metal with a poetic touch; it’s coming from Germany’s Involution. The outfit recorded their first demo about four years ago, but they just released a first full-length, Evolution of Thoughts. The record promises your average, free-spirited melodic power metal, but you’d have to turn to their lyrical formation to get that their approach stretches a bit beyond the norm. From a musical angle, this effort is overflowing with fulfilling melodies and that makes this effort worthwhile, enjoyable.

Evolution Of Thoughts

Evolution of Thoughts. Image/Bandcamp


After the title track starts off the record, galloping rhythms guide “Destiny. “Involution then returns with a couple of hard-hitting numbers, but we’re clearly in for a slowdown with “Rise.” If you’re searching for the one of the brightest spots of the album, turn to the the unstoppable forces of “My Own Mind” (featured on the outfit’s Bandcamp profile and featured on video). The strings-infused interlude, “A Torch in the Dark,” reaches the abrupt rhythms of “Another Torch.” And the vocal delivery reaches its peak with the warmhearted tunes on the final track, “Up from the Dust.”

Much of the uniqueness to be appreciated on this album is attributed to the vocals, where gravelly chops are doused in melody. But numbers like “My Own Mind” give Evolution of Thoughts what it needs to stay afloat among (and even stand out from) its contemporaries, and that means Involution can only head on upward from here.

 “My Own Mind”/YouTube

Nautiluz – Leaving All Behind

The Internet has its share of shenanigans, but can we agree that it’s also a great place for discovering decent metal?

I stumbled upon Nautiluz by watching Metal Topics‘ interview clip with the band. I was so amazed by the Peruvians’ power metal presentation that I decided to review their full-length, Leaving All Behind (2013). Brace yourself for an onslaught of dazzling instrumentation, doused with excellent chops.

Nautiluz - Leaving All Behind

Leaving All Behind. Image: Metal-archives

“Somniac Lifeline” quickly introduces the mood of the record, which gives off a cinematic approach. Besides letting the record’s stellar production be known, “Under the Moonlight” lets drums pop and lets the singer’s dynamic range take control. The tones of “Burning Hearts” are more serious here and there, but its chorus is like a beacon of hope. As it drowns in harmonies, “The Mirror”‘s guitar shredding plows through most of the track.

“Unwritten Serenade” is a bit drowsy in tempo while remaining remarkable, as you may have guessed by its title. With the tribal drumming in the beginning, “The Bard (Antarabhava)” is the oddball of the album; on the other hand, it does something unexpected by skimming off layers to reveal a symphonic and progressive direction. Bringing the album to a standstill, “Chasing the Light” and “Leaving All Behind” are refreshing whirlwinds of intensity and color.

Leaving All Behind honors what most folks appreciate about power metal: That fantastical glow of hope surrounding lively shredding and triumphant vocals. That’s not to say this record is not without its surprises, though; “The Bard” heads for an edgy, festive landscape, and the duet featured on “Eden’s Lair” is a nice touch. The latter also proves Nautiluz has a knack for building impressive song structures. Key tracks to look out for are “Chasing the Light,” “Leaving All Behind” and “Under the Moonlight,” grabbing attention from the start. Plenty of trimmings sprout from Leaving All Behind, but they gel with Nautiluz’s talent. This is power metal that doesn’t feel forced; it’s simply empowering.