Morbid Messiah – In the Name of True Death Metal

The cover says it all. The skull of a beast falling (or floating) in darkness welcomes us into a world of the foul and macabre. Morbid Messiah provides the soundtrack. The Mexican act drives death metal straight into your ears and delivers it unfiltered. On their new EP, In the Name of True Death Metal, they show respect for the classic death metal elements that have kept this style alive throughout the decades. That means you can expect guitar riffs that roar with might, equally rowdy guttural vocals and fast, pulverizing drumming.


In the Name of True Death Metal (Cover Artwork)

Sounds guide you into a cramped cellar and trap you in to experience this woe again and again. Things get good and settled in once “Putrid Voices” appears. Morbid Messiah pushes their signature formula of raw instrumentation, but prepare to worship the delicious guitar solo that soars atop of the rubble—revealing to listeners an aerial view of some disastrous scene. “Condemned to Hell Sores” trudges along in the beginning, but amps up its forces gradually. This zone is dominated by thick guitar riffs and varied shades of vocal delivery. Then we have “Legions of Death,” ending our metallic joyride under three minutes, but it’s packed with plenty of grimy goodness for us.

Morbid Messiah have whipped up a traditional death metal brew, and it hits the spot. They sought out to leave us with a genuine death metal experience, and we got it. Guitar riffs remain chunky, feral solos pop up, the percussion is quite irresistible. This is death metal that’s likely to remind you of an old school persona, and the production is great. In the Name of True Death Metal is available via Godz Ov War Productions on January 31st. Here, try a bit:



Blodspor – Only Sheep Cry Wolf

Oslo’s Blodspor designs the kind of metal that’s guaranteed to get listeners energized and in a frenzy. Over the years, the outfit has been gaining popularity through their stellar gigs. That’s where the band’s summoning of death metal, black metal, hardcore, punk and grindcore commences. Blodspor captured these different levels of intensity on the full-length, Laughing Through the Violence (2011) and have kept the aggression going on their current four-track EP, Only Sheep Cry Wolf. 

Starting off the EP is “Overthrow,” where we come face to face with unforgiving harsh vocals, black metal-esque percussion and one fierce death metal attitude. These forces guide listeners through the remainder of the EP, but the standout guitar-work on “Tap-dancing to the Beat of the War Drum” makes it especially enjoyable and hard to forget. The same can be said for “By Our Own Fire We Shall Burn,” where clean vocals join the harsh ones to give the song some dimension. The EP comes to a close with the punishing sounds of “Black Mass.”

Blodspor gets the underground metal sphere quaking with these vicious, ferocious numbers. It’s your tried-and-true metal done with a D.I.Y. punk spirit; the effect? Heads will bang, and feet are bound to stomp. If you’ve been looking for a outlet to release your emotions, here it is. Blodspor refuses to be weighed down by the limitations of labeling their style, but one thing we know for sure is that listeners get the chance to dissect, clarify emotions. Perhaps it’s better said in Norwegian: Only Sheep Cry Wolf består av fire intensive låter. Bra gjort!



Only Sheep Cry Wolf (Cover Art)

Only Sheep Cry Wolf EP