Inhibitions – La Danse Macabre

It’s cold out. Why not blast some icy black metal? Why not blast some icy black metal from Inhibitions? Inhibitions is a two-person project based in Athens. Their newest release is La Danse Macabre, and it consists of ten tracks that are determined to bury listeners in the sharpest of shards imaginable.

La Danse Macabre (2018)

A handful of tunes on La Danse Macabre deserve to be mentioned. After the first two tracks, “Back to the Dust” jumps out as a well-formed song. Its sturdy rhythm and hypnotizing melodies make it especially enjoyable. “No Escape” has a little bounce to it, and “Eternal Winter” takes you through different levels of emotion. The last track is a fine cover of Satyricon’s “K.I.N.G.,” which was offers just enough of Inhibitions’ personality.

One of the elements I’m fond of is the use of the piano here. It offers some hints of beauty in the sounds of chaos and upheaval. However, La Danse Macabre never avoids the dismal template black metal fanatics appreciate. The guitars remain sharp and crisp, constantly stabbing at the musical atmosphere. Vocals roar throughout the album without being overbearing and tell the songs’ stories with poise. La Danse Macabre is a record that will please any devout extreme metal listener.


Solus – Solus (Album Review)

Hungary’s Solus send strong, expressive and melancholic signals through a charming black metal/ambient channel. The project is led by an instrumentalist and vocalist who goes by D, and he’s capable of treating our ears to some tasteful melodies. Solus’ self-titled release hit the scene back in 2015, and there’s a lot to enjoy here.

The first track, “Visszatérés,” is like a slow descent into nothingness. Along the way, we meet dim shades of sorrow and despair. The backbone contains satisfying strumming and the pulse of the percussion. A few desperate lamentations give a voice to the melancholia.

“Világok közt vándorló” arrives next. We’re introduced to blast beats and more aggressive vocals, showing the varied tricks Solus has up its sleeve. Emotions are heavy on “Elfeledett utak,” and glorious tones float within the track’s scowling expression.

The beginning of “Az örök körforgás,” sneaks up on your ears with a little mystery and a touch of evil. That’s all right because that’s what we need at that point in this album. The rest of the track parades its low spirit, and it eventually ends up along the outskirts of the next song; you can tell from the start of “Path of Wisdom” that it’s simply delectable. Heavy guitar riffs fall down from a sorrowful place. There is something effective in the drumming, which keeps a steady beat throughout the majority of the song. “Lebegés” ends the album with an experimental mood, creating an abysmal plane.  Its presence grows and swallows the listener.

“Solus” is a fine take on the black metal/ambient style. The tough, standoffish personality of black metal is present. At the same time, mists of tone and emotion seem to be longing to spark confrontation. I am infatuated with “Path of Wisdom” (a surefire remedy for life’s miserable moments), and I highly recommend it. Only five other tracks are found on “Solus,” but they leave a lingering impression. Trust something here will speak to the very core of you.

Solus - Solus

“Solus” Album Artwork