What’s a mellowdee?


Hey! Name’s Dee. I’m the creator of this heavy metal shindig. If you’re wondering what it’s all about, here’s the scoop on the title: Metal Mellowdee = my demeanor +  my nickname + my passion for melodies and singing them. I sing in two local bands (one is a melodic metal outfit!), which gives me a fresh perspective on the music scene and allows me to express myself. This twenty-something wasn’t always defending heavy metal under the name, Metal Mellowdee.


I began airing my passion for and my devotion to metal in 2010 with the blog, Notes of All Trades. After moving to another platform in 2013, Metal Mellowdee was launched with shiny new features to deliver music reviews, creative writing, other metallic snippets and sometimes my musings in my other hobbies (Jeg liker å studere norsk!).

Metal Mellowdee is dedicated to featuring promising releases from both emerging and established acts. Music reviews are typically from heavy metal sub-genres. So, here’s what’s mainly covered: Thrash metal, power metal, death metal, black metal, progressive metal, folk metal, doom metal, classic metal and other metal styles.

Bands, promoters, and other industry professionals are strongly encouraged to get in touch. Please send all materials to Dee at: metalmellowdee@gmail.com to have music reviewed and featured on Metal Mellowdee. I accept:

  • LPs
  • EPs
  • Singles

If you’ve already emailed a request, I will be contacting you. Many thanks for your interest and your cooperation. On Metal Mellowdee, you’ll also find other content: Commentaries, short stories and more.

Commenting Code

Mellow is in the atmosphere here; that goes for commenting, too. Let’s keep it that way, please. Your opinions and comments are greatly valued on this blog, but you must follow these guidelines:

  1. Do not leave derogatory remarks that are irrelevant to the post(s).
  2. Do not comment using hate speech, insulting another’s gender, religion, race, disability, nationality, sexual orientation, etc.
  3. Do not reply to the other user(s) in a degrading manner.
  4. Do leave thoughtful comments to enliven the conversation(s).
  5. Do use common sense before you post your comment.

Any comment(s) that is/are felt to be out of line will be automatically deleted. Repeat offenses result in the user being blacklisted.

Now that we’re clear, let’s get back to the fun stuff: Feel warmly welcome to peruse the place, and I look forward to chitchatting with you on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for dropping by!

Page updated 10:32 a.m. ET on November 27, 2016.


2 thoughts on “What’s a mellowdee?

  1. This is the “bass player” saying hellow again… i like you website. i wish i had the talent to write like you. You are truly an amazing writer!!!


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