Grizzlor/Godstopper Split

The new Grizzlor/Godstopper split has rounded up some rowdy tunes to share with listeners. The record, including two tracks each from Grizzlor and Godstopper, was released last month via Corpse Flower Records. Connecticut’s Grizzlor and Toronto’s Godstopper both stick close to the noise rock sub-genre. There’s no doubt, however, that the bands’ boast fiesty personalities here.


Cover Artwork 

Grizzlor’s musical offerings are up first: Bass and percussion in the beginning of “Are You Doing Your Job?” give off a chunky and weighted vibe; as this trudging dominates, vocals make accusatory jabs at a swollen atmosphere. Grizzlor’s other tune presents another mood. “Jack & Diane” turns attention toward upbeat drumming. Guitars leave an iridescent finish from their spot in the background, and you gotta stand back and admire the way they shine gloriously.

Godstopper’s tracks paint another scenerio. “Down Here For Long” shows off a raspy grit. It’s wonderfully angst-filled melody gives the green light to have a tantrum or two. While “Down Here For Long,” is set in a feverish way, “Cellophane” insists on unfurling a warm, sweet vibe.

The record is fueled by rambunctious sounds that give a snapshot of how Grizzlor and Godstopper represent the core of their work. There are many flexible elements, and the prize is in how listeners are given the leeway to interpret them. Another point that’s guaranteed: This release will leave you frazzled by the high voltage energy that surges throughout.


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