We Are The Catalyst – Elevation

Where do you end up after you’ve trudged through intense emotions and trekked through waves and waves of rich sound? You enter the confines of We Are The Catalyst. The Swedes raise a soulful storm through the forces of alternative metal. Their first album (2014’s Monuments) was well-received. If you haven’t already, get to know the musicians who will once again serve up delectable tunes: Cat Fey (vocals), Kenny Boufadene (guitar and vocals), Håkan Strind (drums) and Joni Kaartinen (bass).

We Are The Catalyst’s new album, Elevation, won’t be released until September 2nd, but listeners can expect a strong, melodious one, and its songs are sure to delight. “Open Door” releases airy tones and the guitar-playing consumes you like ocean waves. Carrying a healthy balance of heavy rhythms and heavenly vocals, “A Million Claws” grabs attention. “Askja” is heavier and the melody is catchy. “Home” confidently rolls onward while “Life Equals Pain” slows down to relish in some anguish.

Open Door. YouTube

We Are The Catalyst join the ranks of bands who’ve set out to heal through their craft. The lyrics give you something honest to hold on to, and the deep melodies are there to support them; on top of that Fey’s pleasant vocals are refreshing and beg listeners to shift their perspective. There’s enough gusto to satisfy those used to traditional heaviness, and there’s a bit of innovation to keep minds guessing. On Elevation, We Are The Catalyst grant folks a reason to press forward with the help of infectious tunes.




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