Adore – Wanderers of Oblivion

Adore simply quenches thirsts for raw black metal. This one-woman project, headed by Texas’ Shantell Daggs, has been making heatwaves over the past few years. After putting out the demo Infamy of the Black Legions (2013), Adore released the full-length Wanderers of Oblivion in 2015. The album has been gaining attention with every track. Wanderers of Oblivion offers thirteen tunes that embody the familiar spirit of black metal and simmer with a fiery touch.

Wanderers of Oblivion cover art

Wanderers of Oblivion. Photo: Bandcamp

First up is “A Mystic Transcendent Spirit,” leaping forward into a sour abyss. The heavy, catchy sounds of “The Bitter Winter” come forth with featured vocals from Hæresiarchs of Dis’ Cernunnos. Following this track is “The All-Deceiving” with its wild-spirited guitars. Announcing the planet’s persona, “Venus Ablaze,” is fragrant as it features light tremolo-picking. “Cold World” has interesting guitar tones, nearly nostalgic. “Dreary” comes at you at full-force and includes backing vocals from Grant Gordon, and more guest vocals from Cernunnos are wedged in the depths of “The Hidden Path.” After dropping off several, varied moods, “There’s Something Out There,” gives you the feeling something ominous awaits and doesn’t end the album without setting off a few goosebumps.

For those craving only the bleakest of black metal sounds, you’ve got to check Wanderers of Oblivion out. Where metal sub-genres tend to favor crossing these days, this release sticks to the fundamentals of black metal. Vocally, there are plenty of screams to go around, and unique melodies sprout throughout the album. The lyrical themes set listeners on a journey through outer-space and the mystique, and the instrumentation is just the thing to accompany that experience.

You can keep up with Adore on Facebook and YouTube.


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