Back in Action

Man, have I missed writing! A few changes in my life have prevented me from posting as often as I’ve wanted to (starting a new job, joining band and trying to pick up a new language). One thing that hasn’t changed is my belief in getting the word out about up-and-coming and existing talent.

Thank you, promoters and artists, for sending review requests. I may not be able to review all that have been sent over the past year, but I’ll do as many as I can. I’m also grateful for the comments, likes and shares throughout here, Facebook and YouTube.

I’m finally getting back in the swing of things. Metal Mellowdee has been tweaked slightly, with a redesigned logo, new features and of course, music reviews. It’ll all be unveiled shortly. So, stay tuned and keep it heavy. Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “Back in Action

  1. Dee… so glad that you are back!!! I was wondering what happened to you. Looking forward to you writing again.


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