A Breach of Silence – The Darkest Road

Bands expanding toward the hybrid branches of heavy metal reach the best of many worlds, and that’s what Brisbane’s A Breach of Silence set out to conquer. Beneath the outfit’s powercore shell is a power metal and metalcore-influenced sound, and folks are sure to get a kick out of how diversely put together their second full-length is; relentless, spirited and emotive, 2014’s The Darkest Road is a musical equivalent of strength, endurance.

Attacking early-on, “T.P.N.E.” and “The Darkest Road,” muster mounds of energy and claim their rightful places as the leaders of the album. The former being the album’s abrasive opener, and the latter rising to the occasion as a tribute to the band’s friend who beat the odds by learning to walk again after an accident. Although these two could’ve forced the remaining tracks to fill big shoes, the coming songs opt to up their game in other ways.

Select songs that follow reach heights of their own: “Silhouette” is a melody-driven toughie that’s full of mostly harsh vocals but it daringly throws in an acoustic bit. Further down the album comes “Immortal,” offering a different take in the form of a dreamy ballad. After a batch of tracks touting aggression, the nearly unfathomable arrival in the lair of “A Place I Know” is like a meaningful surrender to melancholia with the sweet chime of the guitar; it seems to set off a final string of songs that are topped with looser and more experimental vocals, meaning many kudos can be allowed for A Breach of Silence’s inclusion of that final robust, piano-laden number, “Time Still Remains.”

After its fourteen tracks, the The Darkest Road is brought to a close but not before leaving varied impressions in the only way a core-driven full-length can. Anthems found on this album are sure to draw in many, thanks to the powerful riffs and story behind “The Darkest Road.” Even though instrumentation makes way for breakdowns here and there, most tracks feature abundant drilling drums and weighted, crunching guitars. The strongest statement made here is in how A Breach of Silence tackle the heavy, do the ballad justice and lift listeners up—all in the blink of an album.

 “The Darkest Road”/YouTube


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