Forcefed Horsehead – Deux


Deux. Image/Bandcamp

With a long scroll of influences and an over-the-top name, the newest EP from Oslo’s Forcefed Horsehead, Deux, manages to stay composed for its duration. This emerging outfit cites death metal, black metal, prog, post-rock and a whole slew of other styles to describe their sound (“brutal Norwegian grind-punk,” they call it). That’s not to say Forcefed Horsehead has to be forced into any restricting confines; much is left to the listener’s imagination. What you have is abrasive, heavy music that makes it freakishly easy to just … relax and go with.

As the EP opens, you’re faced with an atonal bundle of upbeat, energetic tracks—at least the first few. Toward the latter minutes of the EP, a couple of pieces are determined to hold your attention: You can’t deny the pummeling guitar riffs on “An Ego of Cosmic Proportions,” and you can’t refuse the pounding sounds of “Bloodshine,” either.

Even though other styles flicker and fizzle out during the record’s time, I think it’s safe to call death metal one of the more prominent forces (thanks to the larger-than-life growls and riffs they have going on here). Another takeaway is that Deux is a reminder of metal’s boundless possibilities this day and age.

If you’re ready to get a taste of what all the fuss is about, head over to Negative Vibe Records to learn more about Forcefed Horsehead and to keep up with the latest from the label.


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