8 Metal Songs for Halloween

All hail All Hallows’ Eve! I’ve returned with another heavy metal compilation, but this time, my list is in honor of Halloween. Here are ten of the most terrifying, disturbing and gruesome extreme metal songs to kick off your happenings on this day of tricks and treats.

1. Cemetary – “An Evil Shade of Grey”

It’s a shame Cemetary don’t get much exposure, but the outfit’s early records are on point. From An Evil Shade of Grey comes the title track that spills quality death metal and just the right ambiance for taking a stroll around the you-know-whats this Halloween.

2. Amorphis – “Excursing from Existence”

Amorphis’ Privilege of Evil  is a death metal release that’s been talked about again and again and with good reason, too. The EP spreads layer upon layer of sickening, suffocating atmospherics.

3. Pyha – “Tale from the Haunted House Pt. 1”

Pyha simply outdoes any haunted house background music that’s ever crossed into this world. This South Korean project secures some of the most creepy, frightening elements known to ambient black metal on this track from their 2008 album, The Haunted House:

4. Grave – “Haunted”

There’s nothing quite like the feel of old school death metal, am I right? And one of the bands in the lead is Sweden’s Grave. Play this one from the classic album, Into the Grave, and be sure to have a happy haunting.

5. Disembowelment – “Tree of Life and Death”

How about that for a band name, huh? Another outfit that falls beneath the mainstream metal sect is Disembowelment. “Tree of Life and Death,” off of Transcendence into the Peripheral laments 10 minutes of terror.

6. Rigor Mortis – “Wizard of Gore”

If you happen to stumble upon something that’s now stricken by rigor mortis, blasting this track should bring ’em back to life. I guarantee it.

7. Nihilist – “Sentenced to Death”

And lo-fi extreme metal is the best kind of extreme metal to complete any Halloween.

8. Mortician – “Intro / Mortal Massacre”

Thinking of binge-watching horror flicks all of your All Hallows’ Eve? Why not just play Mortician?

I’ve always given Mortician kudos for being one of the most unique brutal death metal bands, largely due to the classic horror film snippets  and the ridiculously low vocals included in their albums. It all adds up to create an extra eerie listening experience. Package those details with the insanely gruff instrumentation on “Intro / Mortal Massacre,” and you’ve got yourself the perfect piece.

You’ve reached the end of the line, but let’s keep the tracks playing. What metal tunes remind you of Halloween? Sound off below.


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