Helevorn – Compassion Forlorn

Helevorn - Compassion Forlorn

Compassion Forlorn

Spain’s Helevorn have returned with another doom metal creation, Compassion Forlorn. Their latest release follows 2010’s Forthcoming Displeasures, as Helevorn decided to take their Gothic metal roots to a more forceful, fuller level.

In eight tracks, Compassion Forlorn relays the underlying concept of moving on from abandoned desire and the idea of loss. If that wasn’t enough food for thought, this album is sure to stuff you with heavy melodies and full-blown woe that can only be done with the cunning of doom.

At the album’s dawning, you’re greeted by “The Inner Crumble”; it eventually beckons thick chords that weave a melodious fabric; it’s here where all becomes doused in harsh vocals and singing as well as a few staccato piano notes. With an upped tempo, “Burden Me” darts out of the melancholic mist of the previous song to expose other shades.

Down the way, powerful numbers are plucked out of the bunch. “Unified”‘s rhythms wring out more dimension, heading toward a groove. Gaps with bass and drums eat away at the standout tunes on “Delusive Eyes.” “I am to Blame” is ignited by prevalent growls, more foreboding riffs and a quick choral section dabbles in the atmosphere. The album clocks out with Lisa Cuthbert’s guest vocals and Pedro Zubiri’s guest guitar solo on “Els Dies Tranquils,” proving a the album does carry some intriguing tricks up its sleeve.

Compassion Forlorn treads forward like a heavy burden, soaking up shades of despair along the way. Each song weeps naturally without whining, and the growls keep them from losing their backbones. Paying homage to traditional doom metal, tempos shift in and out of slowed paces. The atmosphere is clouded with color and passion, but its effects don’t come off as weathered or soggy. If you’ve been pining for topnotch doom that pulls at the heart strings, look no further.

“Burden Me”


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