Gory Blister – The Fifth Fury

The fifth album from technical death metal veterans, Gory Blister, is now out. The Milan natives got their start during the heydays of death metal—1991 to be exact. After Gory Blister’s debut full-length was released in 1999, the band’s repertoire would reach four full-lengths throughout a good chunk of the 2000s. Along the way, Gory Blister’s cover of “1,000 Eyes” got featured on a Death tribute album called Unforgotten Past – In Memory of Chuck Schuldiner. And the outfit even recruited Nile’s Karl Sanders to join their new vocalist, John, in providing guest vocals on their last album, Earth-Sick.  

Gory Blister

Gory Blister

Gory Blister’s latest release, The Fifth Fury, reflects the band’s formula of combining crazed, harsh vocals, tough guitar riffs, soulful solos and just a touch of melody. Once the title track comes along, everything builds on Gory Blister’s fundamentals until it’s knee-deep in more of a technical area; sharp, humming riffs are etched in this drum-heavy song, but a relaxed, colorful solo does dart out.

Drilling, precise percussion sets off “Prometheus Scars,” paving a tighter technical path for “(Meet Me) In the Mass Grave,” too. While “The Grey Machinery” is less tense than the previous numbers, The Fifth Fury‘s bonus track, “Heretic Infected Orchestra,” ushers in a surprising conclusion with the release of a dark, mysterious interplay of strings and piano.

The Fifth Fury is nine tracks of your basic trappings of death metal goodness. Now, every tune is not brimming with technicality as most would recognize in tech-death metal as it’s come to be cherished; the record resists a lot of rhythmic shifting and fills itself out with more laid back, meaningful guitar solos. But Gory Blister do dabble in their own kind of sonic brutality and morbidity. For tracks that have a little more to show for, I invite you to look to “Devouring Me,” “The Fifth Fury,” and “(Meet Me) In the Mass Grave.” As for the remainder of The Fifth Fury, the stage has been set for quite a decent run through some pulverizing death metal.


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