Endzeit – Years of Hunger EP

Lahti’s Endzeit play “raw, apocalyptic black metal” and recycle this description for their new EP, Years of Hunger. Citing the capitalistic downfall of Detroit as inspiration, the Finnish outfit also laments apocalyptic aftermath in a handful of merciless tracks.

Endzeit - Years of Hunger


Years of Hunger beckons you into its dying world by way of “Inception,” gathering drum rolls and impending, threatening guitar-work. The conditions are then right for the coming compositions, and “Hunger” gets to brewing the perfect black metal storm: Thorny guitar riffs, blast beats and crackly vocals that shout from the front lines; deep in the core of “Hunger,” percussion also slithers in unpredictable directions, shedding among a littered landscape. Up next, “Godless” unleashes sharp tones to climb and descend within the chaotic riffs.

Those fond of melodic atmospheres, will find that the following tune does the trick. Overflowing with foul, hymnal-like phrases,”Life?” still manages to secure articulated vocals, but on Years of Hunger, everything wickedly rings with specificity.

Behind the menacing veils of each track on Years of Hunger, unique personalities peer out and set out to stir up a wrath of their own. And songs making the most dynamic impressions are “Hunger”‘s destructive sounds and the tuneful venom that’s spit out of “Life?”; Endzeit also threw in a cover of Dark Funeral’s “The Dawn No More Rises”—not that it would take anything else to be sold on this EP. For the cravings for unfiltered, uncompromising black metal, it doesn’t get much better than the offerings of Years of Hunger.


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