Bloodred – The Lost Ones EP

If you thought one-man outfits were off-limits in death metal country, hear how this act is defying the norm.

Bloodred is a blackened death metal project out of Germany. It’s orchestrated by Ron Merz, who handles guitars, vocals, bass and programming. Bloodred was brought to life in 2009, and a new EP is now making its rounds.

The Lost Ones/Bandcamp

The Lost Ones/Bandcamp

The Lost Ones EP wraps up after only two tracks, but there’s a lot of hard-hitting, chaos swarming about this release.

This is blackened death metal in all its tumultuous glory. Harmonious, tremolo-picked phrases make an appearance early on and give that overwhelming feeling that you’ll get swept up in the chaos; but I wouldn’t surrender just yet because other elements are thrown in your view. The commanding verses direct cement-heavy riffs, which play quite nicely with the harsh vocals and experimentally enlivened drums.

When all has been silenced, you’ll want to experience The Lost Ones again. Fans of one-man projects will especially be enthused to find and follow Bloodred, but there’s enough fury to suit all extreme metal seekers.

Learn more about Bloodred here.


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