No Way – Sing Praises EP

No Way are here to bring you face to face with steaming, sludge metal and noise rock. The New Yorkers lay out festering melodies on their debut EP, Sing Praises.

This is the type of musical frenzy you need to have a go at.

Sing Praises/Bandcamp

Sing Praises/Bandcamp

“The Cutting” makes the EP’s tone clear, a gritty montage of fiery irateness and an acidic bed of instruments. Then, it’s on to the sounds of “Shake the Meat,” wiping away melody for a depleted presentation. When drowsy singing sets “War Dance” off, clattering guitars, percussion and vocals swell to unfathomable reaches. “Pasture / Abuela” suffers a stampeding heavy bass, while rhythms pound like recurring nightmarish visions—the singing gaining a more domineering approach. All of this may knock you out of that comfort zone of yours, but the second half of this twofer ends with added poise.

No Way awaken aggression and take it to a personal place for listeners. The outfit’s plan is written in mucky riffs, the rage of noise rock and other forces. The bidding of these elements is done by prominent singing that sometimes climbs to a harsher plateau.

On the other hand, Sing Praises is nifty at sticking to an established tone. In this case, the warmer side of the palette (also enforced by the artwork’s burgundy hues) makes everything feel isolated, serious and infuriated. The verdict is that Sing Praises pushes you off the edge and on the the brink of instability.

In the N.Y. area? Catch No Way live this fall. They’re also expected to tour the West Coast before next spring. Don’t forget you can always keep up with No Way’s whereabouts by clicking here.


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