Dö Release EP

Helsinki’s Dö are emerging from the underground to give you a tour of doom metal from their shadowy view. The up-and-coming trio released an EP earlier this year, a three-track presentation that places you in dim and unruly instrumentation.

“G.O.D” churns wave upon wave of crisp, buzzing guitar riffs and awakens sharply harsh vocals; even though the track deposits comfortable chord changes, the EP’s approaching sounds are in for a shifting. Tonally, “The Await” summons more uplifting vapors before channeling a more turbulent atmosphere; it’s here where listeners get an acute taste of drum fills and a dizzying, heartfelt guitar solo that falls back into the mix.

EP Cover

EP Artwork

All of the previously stated has built up to an unpredictable closing, and the vessel is “Everblast”; when the piece’s mysterious start spreads to a picked up pace, it runs into a creative interplay between the bass and guitar. And ripples of feedback invite you to slip away with quite an otherworldly ending.

Dö escort you through an unlit series of deep and fuzzy chords, but the music isn’t suffocating or unintelligible. Subtle harmonies give the breathing room to interpret the songs any way you see fit. Most may find the riffs crumbly, albeit the overall delivery is smooth and versatile. While doom is the predominate element, the wise will detect some other nuances within as well. The EP drives a  punch forward without being too pushy on ears, meaning Dö have gathered a coherent, doom-inspired stream of tunes.

Liking what you hear? The throwback type? Purchase the EP on cassette tape by heading over to Bandcamp or Big Cartel.

Keep up with Dö on Facebook and Twitter.


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