Straightline – Alteration of the Rules EP

Straightline whisk you across many musical barriers, headed toward the detailed tag of melodic skate punk thrash. On the band’s Alteration of the Rules EP you can count on peppy punk formulas, tuneful vocals and the grit of thrash to encourage you to coast and go with the musical flow.

Alteration of the Rules cover art

Alteration of the Rules. Image: Bandcamp

“Alteration of the Rules” amps up dynamic melodies and upbeat passages, with “Retrogressive” following its footsteps. Subdued sounds rise from “Unfinished Story.” But the finale is a near 30 seconds of stamina; it’s “Blistering Attack,” a spurting of thrashing percussion and equally boisterous vocals with jolting guitars at their heels.

Alteration of the Rules is a spunky perspective on heavy. It has uplifting bits of punk and the character of metal in some spots. It may or may not change strict pro-metal opinions about the coexistence of the two musical worlds, but it’s apparent Straightline have the handling of keen musical energy down pat. Place that with the rebellious attitude throughout, and there’s no escaping this EP’s high points.

Listen to Alteration of the Rules at Bandcamp.


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