Severnica – Long Lost Longing EP

When heavy metal is given that pass to get sensitive, you can count on symphonic elements to take you to atmospheric heights. And the up-and-coming act, Severnica, do just that. The Finns released the Long Lost Longing EP a few months ago, where they embrace some of the most charmingly delicate sounds with their offering of symphonic metal.

Long Lost Longing EP

Long Lost Longing EP

Dancing keyboard notes open “Mirror and Me” with alarm, but airy, feminine vocals arrive to melt it away; beneath it all, understated heavy guitar riffs pulse.

The incoming tune, “Long Lost Longing,” shows dreamily captivating phrases; its verses take an isolated nature, where a short guitar solo and breathy vocals are exposed. But a few surprises lurk on the latter half of Long Lost Longing. Harsh vocals briefly accompany distortion on “My Journey,” and “Dream” ends the record with a return to a wispy feel.

Soft, clean singing and ethereal instrumentation are the main forces toting Long Lost Longing along. Even though Severnica relay solid songwriting skills throughout, the showstoppers are found in the first half of the EP; atypical tones in “Mirror and Me” show an experimental direction, and satisfying musical ideas find their way out of “Long Lost Longing.” These give the record dimension but not necessarily a devout heaviness. So, it’s unlikely the record reserves a major crossover appeal, but it’ll stick with the souls preferring feathery instrumentation. If nothing else, Long Lost Longing‘s highlights announce that Severnica are on the right track, and they’re well on their way to producing worthy upcoming releases.

Head over to Bandcamp to listen to the rest of Long Lost Longing, where it’s also available for purchase.


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