Orator – Kapalgnosis

You know how it is. You discover a band that makes your day, share it in any way possible. And getting swept up in the excitement, their record’s written once-over is delayed. That happened with the Bangladeshi death/thrash metal outfit, Orator.

All rambling aside, Orator’s 2013 album, Kapalgnosis, is finally getting its deserved review. And there are a lot of reasons to be elated. Fun fact: The record was astonishingly limited to only 300 copies. In my book, that slaps an air of specialty on it, like the message from this metallic onslaught is only created for your ears. Bottom line: Never have I heard such a solid take on what it means to play, um, thrashened death metal.

It doesn’t take long before blast beats drop the memo that this record has some fierce stuffing. The second song, “Kapalgnosis,” locks in tight drumming. And wholesome harsh vocals scatter over the deep buzz of guitar riffs. A couple of tracks down we get a hearty selection,”Gnosis Stained Khadga,” as it spits out several doses stampeding percussion atop thick guitar-work.

Orator - Kapalgnosis

Kapalgnosis. Image: Metal-archives

Getting good and grim, “Necrocosmic Apparitions” carves a chaotic solo in its crumbly sarcophagus. And next up is the instrumental, “Devoid of Dharma (Aghorey Bhyo),” winding around Middle Eastern tonalities and putting Orator’s signature sour heaviness upon it. If that wasn’t enough, “Rites of Grand Renunciation” also proves the band can deliver in a no-nonsense, short and sweet fashion. The madness stops with “Last Emissaries of Doom Tantra.”

And that’s a wrap. Kapalgnosis thrusts a compelling brew of thrashened death metal forward. Those bitter humming riffs channel its inner death voice. We can still honor its driving, hyperactive percussion for calling thrash metal to mind.

Even though Kapalgnosis ceaselessly cranks out extremes and rings with an up to par production quality, it’s not without its prime pieces; “Gnosis Stained Khadga” and the final song, “Last Emissaries of Doom Tantra” are phenomenal showstoppers in the manner of composition. But if you’re into early death/thrash, you should know Orator included a cover of Merciless’ “Bestial Death.”

Orator released a live album this February, and it’s loaded with tracks from Kapalgnosis. I’m wholeheartedly anticipating what Orator may release next. So, there’s a lesson to be learned here. When my Facebook page gets the inside scoop, don’t let the musical goodness keep the blog waiting any longer than it has to. And now for your homework assignment: Listen to these two tracks from Orator, and bask in the intensity.


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