Gravity Rain – The Shining Silence EP

Scraping the mixed bag of heavy metal, it’s likely you’ll get styles that have dulled with overuse. But if you reach far enough, you’ll find Gravity Rain, the melodic metal project that’s led by Russia’s Danny Klaven. With a group of skilled musicians, the songwriter makes his debut with the EP, The Shining Silence. And the sounds are vibrantly original from the start.

The Shining Silence cover art

The Shining Silence EP. Image: Bandcamp

Backed by outbursts of color, “Riddled” rolls out plush guitar chords, stomping percussion and Klaven’s strong vocal control. But more awaits. The track also offers a smorgasbord of heavy guitar riffs that distortion lovers seek. These elements cluster, reappearing in the following pieces.

As “Free Again” slowly unfurls, it casts waves of uncertainty around smooth strings. The EP soaks in life once more with “Imagism,” a hopeful ditty that recruits peaceful vocals to enclose its instrumentation. The song’s finale is a surprising one, churning out heavy, twisted riffs and reminding you of how metal can be both malleable and tough.

The Shining Silence bears down with the bite of metal but also welcomes the spirit of radio rock. And that makes it a rare treat. Even though metal purists may scoff at this record’s airiness, they’ll have a hard time denying the presence of this EP’s heavy nuances. The complexity is there, especially with the few unpredictable chord progressions.

Thanks to the decent production, harmonies are clear and cling onto Klaven’s topnotch vocal vibrato. All of this allows the contrasting musical ideas flourish on this EP. “Riddled” is a romp through pastel landscapes. The consecutive tune, “Free Again,” takes a dip in the cooler side of the color palette, feeling distant. And “Imagism” completes the puzzle in an outpouring of passion. The tributaries join at one statement: This certainly is a breathtaking kaleidoscopic view of heavy music.

Name your price and download The Shining Silence at Bandcamp.



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