Strikeback – Share Your Hate

If you’ve got at least one thrash bone in your body, take a look at what Strikeback are doing. They’ve stirred up some pretty mean tunes on their debut album, Share Your Hate. 

And here’s how it goes down.

<br />Strikeback - Share your Hate

Share Your Hate. Image: Metal-archives

After guitars jump through the starting riffs on “Breathing Fire,” you’re faced with snarling, charismatic vocals. “Revolution” extends that lovely, clinking bass, which quickly surrenders to the coasting frenzy.

Vocals take a tuneful turn and plow into “Share Your Hate,” leading to the tender hook that slices into “Supremacy.” At this point, you should prepare yourself for “Strike Back”‘s heavy doses of colorful soloing atop bitter verses. The accelerating sounds of “Bringers of Destruction” crash into the concluding track, “This is Thrash”—giving a final lesson on what thrashing is all about.

And there you have it.

Share Your Hate is a place where upbeat drumming, raging riffs and animated vocals reside. Most of the melodies are served up with soulful undertones, which lock in nicely with the dynamic singing. Strikeback don’t stray too far from the familiar thrash outline, but they certainly sell you on the meaning of musical release. This may not be an ideal thrash record to satisfy cravings of multidimensional songs and frills, and it may have the normal setbacks that are familiar to the beginner bracket. But Strikeback ardently show promise. Get to know them. I have a feeling they have what it takes to stick around for a while.


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