Bloodhunter – Bloodhunter

Bloodhunter are better acquainting themselves with the metal scene by the forces of melodeath and black metal. And their self-titled album reaches far beyond intensity to get its point across.

Bloodhunter - Bloodhunter

Bloodhunter. Image: Metal-archives

“Ancestors ov All Gods” doesn’t beat around the bush when extending Diva Satanica’s ferocious vocals, which grip the the remaining tracks. But the band still launches other devilish tactics. When “Dying Sun” takes an earsplitting guitar solo, Bloodhunter’s melodic voice comes forward and is reinforced by the rapid instrumental, “Ezequiel 25, 17.” To place you back on the band’s style-melding track, “Come to Me Sorrow” releases a shadowy contrast with sharp blast beats and whispered lyrics, “Come to me sorrow…”

Out of nowhere, stormy, bellowing guitar riffs pierce the chaos of “Embrace the Dark Light.” The core of the record’s second half is found during the raging minutes of “Bring Me Horror.” The album’s curtains close with the clanking bass that’s embedded in the deep groove of “Bloodhunter.”

This record is gutsy. Bloodhunter certainly pull their release along with strong guitar-work and uncompromising vocals. Even though the production seems to embrace the vocals, the percussion does jab at you from beneath. The tunes that deliver an extra hard blow include “Come to Me Sorrow” and “Embrace the Dark Light.” As wonderfully fiery as the album is, I only hope Bloodhunter bring some deviation to their followup to shake up their pattern a bit. Other than that, they’ve got a fierce package holding this record together.


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