Metal Band Lands – Coffins

Remember when you stumbled upon those bands from Guatemala and Bahrain? Ever want to know more about those places?

Heavy metal music is worldwide. That’s why I’m introducing a weekly segment, highlighting the backgrounds of metal bands. In slide show style, here’s what’s covered:

  1. A profile of a band
  2. A spotlight on a foreign language.
  3. A stop at the country’s most metal destination.

Think of this as a mini metal field trip. Without further ado, here’s the first installment of “Metal Band Lands,” featuring Coffins:


4 thoughts on “Metal Band Lands – Coffins

    • Glad you’re digging the series.

      I got hooked on Coffins via their earlier release, Buried Death. It’s more on the unfiltered death metal side, but something else is going on in there to give it more character. I believe that album shows a solid sense of their style. Let me know if that record strikes your fancy.


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