Amenaza De Muerte – Deathcoast EP

Eds: Post includes profanity.

Amenaza De Muerte slap the deathcore and beatdown labels on their music. The outfit has a few records down, including Vive O Muere (2009) and Atrapado (2011). Amenaza De Muerte have returned with a three-track EP, Deathcoast, to deliver catastrophic sounds with precision.

Amenaza De Muerte - Deathcoast

Deathcoast EP. Image: Bandcamp

After the symphonic, soundtrack-like feel of “Redemption,” things just get outright mean. “Fuck You All” gives a taste of varying rhythms and features a massive breakdown that gives way to a shattering double bass. On “Decadence,” feral growls mark their territory, gnaw another breakdown away, and beckon sour tremolo-picking to plant a suffocating layer on the madness.

Within its three tracks, it’s easy to get a feel for what Amenaza De Muerte are going for. The deathcore banner flies high with abominable breakdowns and the mix of high and grumbling gutturals; where they begin to taper off, pieces of tonal phrases stay afloat in the bramble—useful assets. Deathcoast revels in an up to par production quality, giving life to the colorful guitar riffs. For your listen, you get dose upon dose of intensity and then some.


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