Implosion Circle – The Angry and Enraged EP

Sometimes, you never know what you’ll get when faced with thrash metal. Sometimes it’s chock-full of unfathomable tempos, and other times it’s bent on groove. Thrash can even be defiantly forward-thinking, forcing you to drift outside that comfort zone.

Placing the Swiss thrashers, Implosion Circle, within a strict metal sub-genre (or sub-sub-genre) is tricky; you have to simply play their melodically heavy EP, The Angry and Enraged. You’ll find that The Angry and Enraged rolls out some unconventional ideas to do the thrash metal thing.

Drums break through the dismal strumming of “The Final Battle,” leaving harsh vocals to pepper the singing. “There’s Nothing” wipes away vocals at the beginning; a solo also finds itself in some catchy drumming, which includes a few dynamic fills. “The Angry and Enraged,” the title track, puts truth to its name. Singing starts it off, which begins weaving through a viciously active space. Vocally, “Clockwork” is a fine blend of gritty utterances and a soulful chime. “Circle” shows off Implosion Circle’s trusty weapon on this EP, the flavorful guitar soloing.

The Angry and Enraged EP

The Angry and Enraged EP

For a thrash work, The Angry and Enraged may catch a few off guard, but it’s powerful enough to get a double-take. This EP isn’t  going to give loads and loads of upbeat percussion and jagged riffs; by cranking out digestible speeds and structured songs, it insists on holding its own. “The Angry and Enraged” is the closest song to mirror the widely honored ravenous riffs of yesterday. The EP does have its “just okay” moments, but some compositions, like “Clockwork,” stick out as topnotch. The bottom line has The Angry and Enraged daring to strip rip the confines of thrash and going for unexpected, tuneful extremes.


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