10 Remarkable Heavy Metal Cover Songs

…Because sometimes we crave more than just Metallica’s rendition of “Am I Evil?” on the radio.

1. “I Want Out” – Hammerfall

Helloween’s “I Want Out” is easily one of the most popular songs from the power metal circuit, and this version from Hammerfall does it justice.

2. “Them Bones” – Grave

What do we have here? Grave doing an Alice in Chains tune? Trust me. There’s no need to adjust your screen.

I admit the growls seem misplaced at first, but the cover eventually settles as a boisterous take on this grungy number. It just happens to have a death metal punch.

3. “Into Hiding” – Ensiferum

On their Dragonheads EP, Ensiferum tackle “Into Hiding”—originally appearing on Amorphis’ Tales from the Thousand Lakes. When reflecting on the monstrous impact of that album, it’s nice to see at least one of its tunes being recycled. Ensiferum remove bits of the gritty death metal elements in the original and lean toward a folksy-focused polish. It’s a great fit.

4. “The Trooper” – Iced Earth

Iced Earth pack even more power into this energetic classic from Iron Maiden. When I picked up Dystopia while studying abroad, I found this to be one of my favorites from the album and haven’t stopped playing it since.

5. “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” – Judas Priestess 

Covers are what this Judas Priest tribute band are known for, and “You’ve Got Another Thing Comin'” is just another stellar product from Judas Priestess.

6. “God of Thunder” – Entombed 

Well, it’s only natural that these death ‘n’ roll legends would cover this rocking song from KISS. This version undoubtedly heightens the edginess of the original, and you just have to sing, er, growl along.

7. “Mandatory Suicide” – Decapitated

Decapitated show that the Slayer song, “Mandatory Suicide,” can be done faster and doused with festering harsh vocals.

8. “The American Way” – Kataklysm 

Last week, Kataklysm unveiled the video for their version of  Sacred Reich’s “The American Way.” Not only is Kataklysm’s delivery on point, but it even makes you want to take a look back at Sacred Reich and other 1990s thrash records.

9. “Neon Knights” – Anthrax

To keep the legacy of Dio pulsing, Anthrax contributed to the Ronnie James Dio – This is Your Life compilation and chose “Neon Knights” to honor the horns-throwing icon.

10. “Circle of the Tyrants” – Opeth

While digesting the buzz about Triptykon, Melana Chasmata and Tom G. Warrior, revisit a great Celtic Frost tune remade by Opeth.



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