Trigant – Wolves EP

Trigant have been developing their sound for nearly four years. The band released the Wolves EP last year, showcasing their “modern heavy thrash” style.

A bit of bass tears at the beginning of “Wolves,” while a combination of groovy riffs, a guitar solo and rattling drums are the bulk of the piece. Alarming guitar-playing calls attention to “Reflection,” and “Disembodied” rolls out some energy with an appealingly wistful chord progression; an amusing guitar solo is also in there. Concluding the EP, “Breaking” releases some hefty riffs.

Trigant - Wolves

Wolves EP. Image: Metal-archives

The thrashers have scooped up an array of elements to place on Wolves. The EP is full of rhythmic riffs and grunting vocals that are uniquely used. Plus, there’s plenty of infectious melody to go around.

On the other hand, don’t expect a pristine quality to coat this EP, but some of the band’s musical decisions come across as thoughtful; when many records neglect the voice of the bass, it’s refreshing to hear it pronounced in spots (See “Wolves”). Additionally, enough of Trigant’s promise is conveyed on select tracks. As “Disembodied” unveils a decent framework, it reveals Trigant’s potential to grow on future efforts. For the most part, Wolves should simply be taken as a record used for sharping skills; it also should remind folks to be on the lookout for what Trigant have to offer on upcoming records.




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