Vengeful Ghoul – Timeless Warfare

Vengeful Ghoul savor thrash and power metal, but their musical palette doesn’t only speak of those elements. After honing their style with a demo in 2006, the five-piece released their convincing debut full-length, Timeless Warfare. The album guarantees racy riffs and edgy vocals that operate near the fringes of traditional heavy metal.

Vengeful Ghoul

Timeless Warfare

Sounds of atrocity invade the opening of “Chained Freedom” before guitar riffs erupt within melodic phrases. “The Sovereign Place” paddles through turbulent percussion, as vocals rise and fall with charisma.

The album heads for a rather lonesome direction with “My Crowded Solitude.” Soft tones lure listeners into “Under Control,” where the song steers an unusually memorable hook. As “Fire & Spell” moves along to a digestible tempo, it stirs up a serious atmosphere with scolding vocals and the buzz of distorted guitars. Crunchy riffs and enraged vocals infest “Timeless Warfare” before the track fizzles out.

Timeless Warfare is a workshop where Vengeful Ghoul busily craft gutsy tunes. It’s a place where heated guitar-work melds well with theatrical singing and dramatic drumming; three tracks outstandingly portray the band’s ethic. “The Sovereign Place” features some dynamically commanding vocals, and “Under Control” unlocks a powerful, spellbinding melody. The slithering rhythm in “Fire & Spell” even permits the placid-sounding bass to breathe.

From the standpoint of style, Vengeful Ghoul follow logical steps to make their compositions worthy. While they ensure thrashing, frenzied riffs, the Rob Halford-esque singing and the haunting guitar solos shower the record with that classic feel. It’d be hard not to be tempted by the offerings of Timeless Warfare.

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