Running Death – The Call Of Extinction

Running Death’s five-track EP, The Call Of Extinction, is a straightforward presentation of refined thrash metal.

Brimming with gravelly clean vocals that fluctuate between heavy doses of riffs, “Unleashed” may take listeners back to the days of thrash’s emergence. “Killing For Gods” tastefully sheds its opening foundation to become outfitted with varying rhythms.

Despite the unruliness that buzzes throughout the EP’s dawning, the intensity is kicked up a notch on the remaining tracks.

Running Death - The Call Of Extinction

The Call Of Extinction. Image: Metal-archives.

The blazing introductory riff on “Call Of Extinction” sets off the song’s forceful core, which is sickeningly singable. “Celebrate Your Aggression” lets the rush of a traditional thrash template to take the lead, and “Hunting For Heads” ends the crazed EP.

What Running Death deliver is thrash that’s gripping. The tracks are well-produced, sounding full and balanced. The thundering bass is just as noticeable as the zesty riffs and feisty drumming. As epitomized on the raging opener, “Unleashed,” the band sweeps bits of early thrash into their songs.

If this raging EP leaves a craving for more of Running Death’s metal, stay posted for the full-length they’re releasing later this year. While anticipating the album, check out their bestial but polished EP below.


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