Arising Fear – Beyond Betrayal

Those seeking a fusion of metal styles will look no further when given the music of Arising Fear, as the band bundles aspects of thrash and traces of metalcore within their music. Arising Fear released Beyond Betrayal late last month. The album is a lamentation of metallic guitars and a blend of harsh and clean vocals to ardently deliver lyrics.

Arising Fear

Once the alarming percussion plows into “Beyond the Walls of Anger,” the album awakens with originality. Moments of “Deadly Embrace” quiet to feature drums and melodious vocals. Within the middle of the record, “Final Redemption” exposes a more rigid approach and nabs some effective riffs.

The album departs for solitude with the easygoing but charming sounds of “Come Alive Again”; a quick shift brings “Thrashing Brain Surgery.” Charging and funneling into a groove, the song reaches a desolate zone and calls for a few odd rhythms.

Beyond Betrayal releases harmony, energetic riffs and a gritty backbone to support it all. By revisiting select tracks from the album, Arising Fear’s promise becomes apparent; “Deadly Embrace” provokes with its piercing verses, and the surprisingly serene sounds of “Come Alive Again” give even more variation on the record. If those songs don’t purge an interest, the powerful rhythms of “Thrashing Brain Surgery” are sure to pull emotion out of listeners.

From the angle of production, the percussion is rather pronounced; on the other hand, that doesn’t eclipse the solid musical ideas. The music removes the adversity of labeling metal styles and replaces it with downright hyper songs that grab attention.

“Final Redemption”



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