Toxic Waltz – Decades Of Pain

Toxic Waltz enforce atrocious sounds, with an uncompromising attitude. The up-and-coming band’s moniker comes from “The Toxic Waltz” off of the Exodus record, Fabulous Disaster. Even though Toxic Waltz have wisely followed footsteps of the seasoned thrashers, they announce their separate path with the boisterous debut, Decades Of Pain.

A glimpse at the album is telling.

Toxic Waltz - Decades of Pain

Decades Of Pain/Metal-archives

Intensity builds within a fleeting introduction, leaving the rush to unravel with the looming title track. “Decades of Pain” unleashes abrasive riffs—just on the verge of groove—to give way to salty vocals and a nicely timed guitar solo. When subdued strumming sweeps in and vanishes on “World of Hate,” crushing harmonies jump in and add a touch of vibrancy. “Toxic Hell” accelerates the record by dumping abrupt passages of rapid fury, and “Suicide Squad” demands some movement with its pulverizing groove. The next track, “Green,” insists on clawing to shreds with its sharp instrumentation. “Morbid Symphony” beckons the rowdy bass on “Priest of Lie.” Chaotic vocals take the forefront on “Obsession to Kill,” as guitar solos spiral to the album’s end.

Decades Of Pain is a fiery first full-length and carries enough spice to make listeners to respond to the madness. Sometimes the gruff vocals demand attention. Other times the abundant solos reach a plane of melody, inciting variety. As the production arguably lends itself to the guitars, the riffs are even more glaring. If Toxic Waltz continue to produce raw and relentless thrash, their next steps could rake in more success.

“Decades of Pain”/YouTube

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