Metallum Per Annum: 1994 to 1990

Welcome to the final installment of “Metallum Per Annum!” This weekly segment features my favorite heavy metal songs by the years they were released; the list descends until the year I became an Earthling (ahem, 1990), leaving time for you to discover a track, rediscover a track, and let the metal live. (Don’t forget to catch up on parts onetwothree and four.)

1994: “Twilight” by Edge of Sanity

Thanks to the 40-minute piece, “Crimson,” you can always bet that Edge of Sanity will pull through in the category of uniqueness. “Twilight” demonstrates this with an infectious, somber hook that’s topped with deep guttural vocals, telling one heck of a gripping story.

1993: “Paralyzed, Mesmerized” by Coroner

As Coroner began to upgrade their biting thrash to progressively toned thrash records,  one of the products was 1993’s Grin. Crunchy riffs hover over smooth melodies and solos on “Paralyzed, Mesmerized,” making it…well…mesmeric.

1992: “Fear of the Dark” by Iron Maiden

If you’re looking for song that easily conjures chills, join me in playing this gem.

1991: “Together As One” by Death

“Together As One!” Had it not been for this track, I wouldn’t have known how amazing Death was—excuse me—is. I was drawn in by the drilling guitars, the unusually decipherable lyrics and just your general awesomeness from the great Death.

1990: “Hell Patrol” by Judas Priest

What a glorious day it was when I discovered “Hell Patrol” from Painkiller. Just play it. You’ll understand why.

Got any favorite metal songs from the early nineties? Go on and get them out of your head and into the comment section.


2 thoughts on “Metallum Per Annum: 1994 to 1990

    • I have so many favorites from those years, making it somewhat hard to create this list! Grin is my number one from Coroner; I’d like to purchase it at some point.


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