Metallum Per Annum: 1999 to 1995

Welcome to the fourth installment of “Metallum Per Annum”! This weekly segment features my favorite metal songs by the years they were released; the list descends until the year I became an Earthling, leaving time for you to discover a track, rediscover a track, and let the metal live. (Don’t forget to catch up on parts onetwo and three.)

1999: “For My Demons” Katatonia 

On a cloudy mid-morning some years ago, I discovered how Katatonia straddles the line between the drear of depressive rock and the kick, heaviness of metal in their later records, and “For My Demons” excellently relays this pattern.

1998: “Heaven Denied” by Labyrinth

After stumbling upon Labyrinth months ago, my faith continues to be restored in the underground prog/power circuit.

1997: “Black Diamond” by Stratovarius

I have “Black Diamond” to thank for getting me into Stratovarius; it’s passionate, edgy and melodic, coming from a power metal perspective.

1996: “Wolf Moon” by Type O Negative

This past Halloween, I replayed this gloomily satisfying song countless times and still can’t get enough of it—my favorite from October Rust.

1995: “Capitel II: Soelen Gaaer Bag Aase Need” by Ulver

Bergtatt is one of the few records that I enjoy in its entirety; with the way this track employs nostalgia atop the black metal vibes, it’s particularly outstanding. Enough with my list. So, what are your favorite metal songs from the mid-nineties?


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