Metallum Per Annum: 2005 to 2000

Welcome to the third installment of “Metallum Per Annum.” This weekly segment features my favorite metal songs by the years they were released; the list descends until the year I became an Earthling, leaving time for you to discover a track, rediscover a track, and let the metal live.  (Be sure to catch up on parts one and two.)

2005: “Atonement” by Opeth

Opeth was bound to show up somewhere in this series. The selected song is the smoothness and trippy-ness of “Atonement” from Ghost Reveries.

2004: “I Would Dance” by Silent Stream of Godless Elegy

SSOGE’s display of clean female vocals and growls amid dark guitars makes this song incredible. Check out the rest of Relic Dances for your folk metal fix.

2003: “Martyrium” by Windir

“Martyrium” is an exquisite example of the quality black metal from Windir. As a bonus, this track has been my favorite to play while traveling. Oh, do try it.

2002: “Nihility (Anti-Human Manifesto)” by Decapitated

Does any track by Decapitated need an introduction? Yeah, didn’t think so; the awesomeness announces itself.

2001: “Kylän päässä” by Moonsorrow 

Ah, Moonsorrow! What’s not to love about the clanking swords, mysterious melodies and feral harsh vocals that appear on “Kylän päässä”? And to think I was somewhere in a middle school hallway, oblivious to the greatness that ensued with the release of Voimasta ja Kunniasta.

2000: “Litany” by Vader

Vader churns out such amazing extreme metal numbers. “Litany” on Litany is like stampede after stampede of intensity. I can’t think of another metal song with such an onslaught of force and aggression. You see, it’s the best litany I’ve ever heard.


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