Raventale – Transcendence

Raventale is the result of melding black metal’s grimness and the dreaminess of atmosphere. Transcendence, the Ukrainian one-man project’s sixth full-length, presents these elements in an unusually enticing way.  

Raventale - Transcendence

Transcendence (2012)/Metal-archives

As the double bass directs the ensuing storm of “Shine,” guttural vocals quake the gritty ambiance. On “Room Winter,” vocals snap, snarl, and blast beats splatter onto waves of melancholy. “Without Movement” splits weighed sequences to reveal a casual and spirited solo. While “Transcendence” exercises devastation within a baffling speed, it shifts from raw emotion to heartfelt agony.

On Transcendence, the wise usage of the instrumentation and vocal techniques is the clear winner. The record carries that overwhelming, devious vibe for black metal sticklers, but it’s also full of ethereal tones for those preferring the gentleness of atmosphere.

The four tracks average at about 11 minutes each, and this leaves time for the somberness to the outright hysteria to be absorbed on a broad scope. Production yields to percussion, projecting the listening experience to a near tangible plane; the cold, woeful guitar riffs are distinctive as well as the vocals; they domineeringly fluctuate in a range but never lose their quality texture in the dreary musical zone. This record is dark, melodic and ferocious, and its cunningly formed, bittersweet aura is inviting. 


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