Metallum Per Annum: 2014 to 2011

Welcome to “Metallum Per Annum.” This weekly segment features my favorite metal songs by the years they were released; the list descends until the year I became an Earthling, leaving time for you to discover a track, rediscover a track, and let the metal live. 

2014: “Breaking the Great Narcissist” by Soreption

Soreption is scheduled to release Engineering the Void later this month. With the way the tech death metal is served within the crisp passages of “Breaking the Great Narcissist,” it’s ridiculously easy to anticipate this upcoming record.

2013: “Blood of Heroes” by Týr

Heri’s distinctive vocals give a memorable performance on “Blood of Heroes,” making the track tremendously singable. Plus, those melodic, passionate riffs create quite an experience.

2012: “Age of the Phoenix” by Freedom Call

This tune from Freedom Call is full of pomp and warm, friendly metallic chords; it goes beyond power metal standards, stirring unfathomable amounts of energy with its peppy beat. I’ll start the petition to have it renamed, “empowerment” metal.

2011: “A Transcendental Serenade” by Obscura

Obscura did zero harm with 2011’s Omnivium, and the eighth track, “A Transcendental Serenade” remarkably represents this album. Mysterious-sounding riffs float within crushing sequences, ending in surreal chants; can anything be more gripping?


Don’t forget to drop by for next week’s list. A little bird told me some ruthless, melodic, and catchy songs are heading this way.


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