Southern Snowfall

I’m pausing my usual posts about music reviews and heavy metal musings to give a shout out to Winter Storm Leon; he showered the American Deep South with snow…accumulating snow at that! Now, some will scoff and sigh at this report; others will erupt with laughter, but those sharing my sentiments will gasp with elation about it.

There’s no telling how many times I checked the radars and forecasts on Tuesday, anxiously waiting for that freaking snowfall. When the temperature finally (and, I mean, finally) plummeted just before midnight, it started to sleet. Then, the flurries arrived. Then, it almost looked like a bootlegged winter greeting card outside with the way the snow was falling. My level of excitement became unfathomable.

So, yep. I bundled up and went out in it. Nope. It was without an ounce of shame in my game. My cyber comrades on social networking sites proved I wasn’t the only zany one to do so, as they posted pics of their lawns dusted with flakes. At that point, I couldn’t even allow myself a measly second to sit and post. I was too busy determining how I was going to scrape up enough to create my mini snowman masterpiece. But, now that the rush is over, I’m giving y’all an exclusive sneak peek into what went down the other day.

This was my view on the following morning:

This was me relishing in the rarity. Hooray:

Now, if I could just get the snow to not wait another three years to show up here again…


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