Adore – Infamy of the Black Legions

Adore - Infamy of the Black Legions

Infamy of the Black Legions EP/ Metal Archives

Adore, a one-female black metal project, funnels shrieks, scratchy guitars and shattering drums into Infamy of the Black Legions. With the eight-track EP’s eerie low-fi crunch and aptness for desolate tones, it welcomes a glimpse into its haunting cranny.

With the entrance of “Ghost Town,” an unsettling feeling rises and beckons the restlessness of the following track; “Infamy of the Black Legions” is laden with a storm of blast beats, bitter tremolo picking and vocalizations of torment. Even though “Lion Night, Bloody Night” refuses to loosen its wicked grip, it unleashes cinematic, bestial roars in between riff variations; “Fantastic Lucid Misery” and remaining pieces offer differing approaches, nabbing mysterious melodies and ambient territories.

Above its draining tempo, “Spiller of Tears,” slithers around more weighted instrumentation. “Swamp Corpse” dispels a warm melody amid crumbly percussion; when its jittery distortion merges with obscure notes, two instrumental tracks appear: “The Withering” experiments with guitar, and “Ghost Town Part II – Wander in Oblivion” trudges forward while unwinding dissonance.

Adore’s chilling musical concoctions seep out of Infamy of the Black Legions‘ crackly exterior; the production of the record is rough, but this purges the unpolished, uncompromising appeal of its black metal core. Adore substitutes throbbing bass lines and predictable chords with wiry notes and shattering percussion to craft songs. “Spiller of Tears” and “Swamp Corpse” exercise Adore’s experimental direction, and “Ghost Town Part II – Wander in Oblivion” is noteworthy with its zeroing in on disturbing, wrenching riffs. What’s overtly effective is the EP’s lingering, ghastly aura.

“Wander in Oblivion”/YouTube

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