Sentenced – Shadows of the Past

What happens when Metal Mellowdee music reviews meet video?

This is my first album review brought to you from YouTube. So, what better way to kick it off than with some death metal from Sentenced?

Finland’s Sentenced originally released “Shadows of the Past” in 1991, but the record was reissued with bonus tracks in recent years. The album is a relatively underrated record that captures the early days of death metal. Two recommended tracks are “When the Moment of Death Arrives” and “Descending Curtain of Death.” 


2 thoughts on “Sentenced – Shadows of the Past

  1. I’d hadn’t heard Sentenced before I found this, and after listening, am pretty impressed! They sound so solid, on point; simple and clean in a way that let me take in everything. The foundation of their songs, the base structure, feels so familiar. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if I was told Bison B.C. or Kylesa or The Sword, or even Suffocation cited influence by Sentenced.



    • Glad you’re finding Sentenced to be enjoyable! Even though “Shadows of the Past” is usually forgotten among earlier death metal releases, the haunting, raw sound of it stands out with quality and appeal.


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