Mourning Hours – Selfless Within

Mourning Hours - Selfless Within

Selfless Within/Metal-archives

Mourning Hours is a Bangladeshi atmospheric black metal project, which is led by multi-instrumentalist, Rubayet. On Selfless Within, raw vocals and guitars pepper grim, ambient musical zone.

The gristly introduction,”Life,” does everything a strong album opener should do–it’s alarming and snatches attention. “Hatefornication” is solidly upbeat, but “Withdrawal of God’s Seed” is rather experimental.

A strongly composed track, “Illumine,” increasingly funnels into raggedness; as the melancholy melody gels with the percussion, “Selfless Within” is a bit tougher. Making “To My Nothingness” unique, a tambourine can be heard along with a spoken part.

Selfless Within is on the cusp of being a thoroughly enjoyable work; during select moments, the record seems to toy around with concept instead of latching on to consistency, as heard on “To My Nothingness.” A few tracks follow successful approaches of this black metal style; “Illumine” and “Selfless Within” have familiar solemn atmospheres, directed by scratchy yet effective riffs. One fact remains significant: Selfless Within is captivating until the end.

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