Mortal Soul – Ashes in the Wind

Kenya natives, Mortal Soul, have crafted some fierce metalcore on their EP, Ashes in the Wind. 

The seven-song effort adheres to the celebrated metalcore formula: A blend of clean and harsh singing, heartfelt guitar work packed with emotion and rhythms that seem to float atop it all; these elements are heard with the sludgy vibe of “My Soul.” As “Bankai” propels more harsh vocals and rowdy guitar solos, the EP intensifies; however, a short, dreamlike atmosphere clouds “Interlude.” The band even shifts the mood by ending the EP with acoustic versions of “My Soul” and “Solace,” respectively.

Mortal Soul - Ashes in the Wind

Ashes in the Wind/

From the viewpoint of production, Ashes in the Wind has a raw, rehearsal-like appeal. The tracks are somewhat rough, but the strong artistic abilities of Mortal Soul still manage to be heard. Having strong compositions, “My Soul” and “Bankai” are memorable. What’s clear is that Mortal Soul has a strong grasp on their heavy metal.


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