Myrath – Tales of the Sands

Adding a folk flair to progressive metal, Myrath journeys through captivating melodies on Tales of the Sands.

Myrath is a Tunisian outfit, and throughout the album, the band tastefully infuses an Arabic feel throughout their songs. Tales of the Sands begins to dispense a few extraordinary tunes with the start of the third track, “Merciless Times”; it has expressive vocals soaring atop powerful guitars. Letting folksy drumming and clean singing take hold, “Tales of the Sands” is well-crafted and gives an outstanding musical performance. “Beyond the Stars” intensely vibes and throws in a rich string section.

Myrath - Tales of the Sands

Tales of the Sands album artwork/Metal-archives

Tales of the Sands is largely remarkable, from the rhythms of “Tales of the Sands” to the fervor of “Beyond the Stars.” It freshens the progressive metal take with an Arabic direction. The only low point is, during the middle of the record, songs begin to lose their individual personalities, appearing as duplicates; though, it’s apparent that each song relays the passion and pure talent of Myrath; the band is skilled at presentation and delivery. Overall, Tales of the Sands is an excellent demonstration of Myrath’s potential. 

“Merciless Times”/YouTube

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