Seven Kingdoms – The Fire is Mine

Seven Kingdoms’ full-length, The Fire is Mine, shakes up the power metal template with refreshing female vocals; the Floridian outfit has secured empowering, glorious tunes on The Fire is Mine. 

Seven Kingdoms - The Fire Is Mine

The Fire is Mine‘s cover artwork. Image:

Following an ominous introduction of cawing crows, the record begins to bulge with triumph. “After the Fall” is a whirlwind of speed and intensity, offering its spirit to the upcoming tracks.  “Symphony of Stars” shifts by slowing down, while “The Fire is Mine” declares a return to grandness.

In its latter half, the album changes a tad. An acoustic number, “Kardia,” features vocals from Theocracy‘s Matt Smith; the final number, “The King in the North” has multiple moods—the pomp of power metal being the foundation.

The Fire is Mine is a sphere of energy. What gives it an added edge is Sabrina Valentine’s outstanding vocal performance, meeting the impressive guitar-playing of Camden Cruz and Kevin Byrd. With a strong hook and graciously composed melodies, “After the Fall” is the clear standout tune on the album; after that, the songs lose their ability to hold attention. Nonetheless, Seven Kingdoms is one with which to keep up, and The Fire is Mine deserves a spot in the collection of power metal fanatics and metal-lovers, alike.


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