Exivious – Liminal

Exivious - Liminal

The album artwork for Liminal. Photo: Metal-archives

As a stream of jazzy guitar solos, bizarre time signatures and natural emotion, Exivious’ Liminal embodies progressive, fusion metal and tackles the challenge of concept. The word, liminal is defined as a state of transition; driven to depict this, Exivious incorporated individuals’ creativity to provide the album artwork. The software named, “Liminal Universe Shaper,” allowed people to continually sculpt a liminal space. With this artistry in mind, the songs of Liminal truthfully conduct and probe the human spirit.

“Entrust” arrives as an instrumental, defying form and scooping up expressiveness. “One’s Glow” is more partial to percussion and unravels its rhythmic up-tightness near the end. Knowing and luminous, “Alphaform” beckons the like-minded numbers, “Deeply Woven” and “Triguna.” As it is softer and weightless, “Movement” reflects a needed shakeup in style. Driving and grooving, “Open” meets the moving and emotional sounds of “Immanent.”

Liminal plays like chomping on crisp, crunchy veggies or cool air to the face on a hot day. The tracks pile up to serve one sensory experience after another, and they reach the incalculable depths of thought. Representing their titles, songs escalate and cling to the psyche with substance. “Entrust” is an exciting starter, and traces of invigoration extend to the outstanding “Alphaform.” Heed the suggestion: Liminal is a listening experience that should not be missed.

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