Kataklysm – Waiting for the End to Come


The artwork for Waiting for the End to Come. Photo: Nuclear Blast

Kataklysm’s new album, Waiting for the End to Come, creates a sphere of death metal might while uncoiling calamity.

“Fire” ignites with Kataklysm’s traditional combination of fervent riffs, blast beats and rhythmic shifts. “Like Animals” and “Kill the Elite” carry a spirit of determination and warn of humanistic atrophy; on “Dead and Buried,” a groove-oriented appeal is unmistakable. “Real Blood, Real Scars” charges into the following tracks. Heavy on percussion, “The Promise” kicks off with a fresh approach. “Empire of Dirt” follows with speed and fierceness, and “Elevate” delivers quite a memorable riff.  The final track is an energetic rendition of Sacred Reich’s classic, “The American Way.”

On Waiting for the End to Come, the songs signal Kataklysm’s knack for crafting a musical world in which listeners can belong. Delivering passionate instrumentation and honoring the extremity of death metal, the album’s direction adequately carries elemental diversity. With bold titles, “Under Lawless Skies” and “Real Blood, Real Scars,” lyrics address destruction and solicit understanding. In short, the album is an authentic continuation of Kataklysm’s reputation, and that answers to no unexpectedness.

“Elevate.” Video: YouTube/Nuclear Blast

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