Vulture Industries – The Tower

Vulture Industries’ latest effort exudes a heap of charm. Slightly off-the-wall yet musically refined, the avant-garde, Norwegian act rounds up some solid tunes on their third full-length, The Tower, displaying quite a show.

Vulture Industries - The Tower

The album artwork for The Tower. Photo:

Frantic and furious, “Blood on the Trail” proceeds. “The Dead Won’t Mind” shows off a shaggy manner, with the grisly repeated lyric, “You know the dead won’t mind.” A couple of tracks away i“The Pulse of Bliss,” which is approachable through its wild catchiness. “Lost Among Liars,” too, emerges down the way of the album;  while the music is restrained and sentimental, passionate vocals spread: “Sudden shifts breaking the lines, the cracks that once were easy to find are all hastily smeared out with time, to cover each crime.” The bonus song, “Blood Don’t Eliogabalus” finalizes the album with many shifts in mood.

Eccentric, though not melodically satisfying, The Tower thrives on a type of innovation that is largely contributed to Vulture Industries’ offshoot styling. The album is atmospherically theatrical; heavy instrumentation is present but odd tones expose the songs to a quirky side. Listeners who are highly familiar with this take are likely to be entertained, and the uninitiated will be equally appreciative. It is worth mentioning how The Tower leaves a trail of concept but leaves enough room for listeners’ imagination. The Tower‘s “side show” nature is what attracts and holds its tarrying audiences.

Video: YouTube

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