Watered-down Definitions for Wednesday: Belfry

When it comes to words and etymology, I definitely have bats in the ole belfry. Come to think of it, how is belfry really defined? 

Word: Belfry

Watered-down Definition: A belfry is a place, usually in a tower, where a bell is located.

A picture of a belfry

Image: edupics.com

Origin(s): The usage of belfry dates back to the 1400s! The Middle English spelling of belfry was belfrey (wonder how and why the “e” got omitted?); upon reflecting on belfry‘s Germanic origin, more clues are given, as to what associations cling to the term! Consider the Middle High German, bërvrit (siege tower) and how it is akin to the Old High German, bergan (to shelter) and Old English, frith (peace).

Belfry. (n.d.). Merriam-Webster.com. Retrieved September 15, 2013, from http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/belfry

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